25 January 2009

Fine Art Hotel

I've recently become acquainted with a brilliant website concept which was started by a group of artists from Zalaegerszeg, Hungary (in SW Hungary, more or less equidistant from both Budapest and Vienna--apx 2 hrs from each). Apparently there is an active contemporary art community in this small city of 60,000 (which I've never visited...but now my interest has been piqued).

Finearthotel.hu opened in the Autumn of 2006 with the goal of providing a virtual creative haven for Hungarian
artists to debut and exhibit their work. All of the artists are graduates of, or currently students at, various
Hungarian Art Academies and Colleges. They self-select the works found on finearthotel.hu.

The site hosts the profiles of 13 lucky artists. It is well designed and offers easy access to images and bios both in English and Hungarian.

This is the first site I have seen that has gathered young Hungarian artists under "one roof" and promoted them in such a clear, professional format.

InterUrban is exploring collaborations with the Finearthotel, and you'll be hearing more about it in coming posts. Until then, I highly recommend a visit.

Check-in to the Fine Art Hotel here

One of the artists whose work immediately caught my eye is Ágnes Gazdag.

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