26 September 2010

Image of the Weekend

Work by a young photographer who doesn't own a camera--please contact me for more information!

24 September 2010

Imre Nagy at Grazer Kunstverein

At the Studio of the Grazer Kunstverein, Imre Nagy (*1975) shows new works

The artist uses materials such as wood, paper, adhesive tape or plexiglass to produce sculptures. Through subtle interventions and combinations, they appear fragile and exemplary. The patterns of their construction sometimes recall permeability and openness of earlier modernistic space experiments. The choice of ephemeral building material relativizes this reference by adding a speculative and temporary attitude.

Nagy's works produce formal as well as content-related relationships between spacial-architectural and spiritual areas of practices. The quality of these relationships is manifested in their instability which is deliberately open for permanent modification and interrogation.
At second sight, some of the works in the Graz presentation put into relationship between contentual and formal aspects of the surrounding space; either with one of the publications displayed in the Studio, or with one part of the furniture of the gallery.

20 September 2010

03 May 2010

Random Thoughts: Designing the Road Ahead

From the "Things You Can't Do Anything About, But Would Like To" file:

NY State is "re-introducing" a license plate design that was used from the mid 70s to the mid 80s:

Why? Why the American obsession with retro? Why not move ahead, and introduce a contemporary re-design...

...something inspired by the elegant efficiency of the German plates...

...or the futuristic British tags...

...or the timeless, sophisticated, suave Swiss design...

Why reminisce about an era that was by all accounts a low point in NY's history?

It may seem a microscopic speck of a problem compared to the mammoth ones that the U.S. is facing, but sometimes a tiny design tweek can inspire significant attitude re-adjustment....which might not be such a bad idea...