11 December 2007

If these paintings were in a gallery on West 24th Street...

A toast to Jozsef Csato, who has an exhibition opening in Budapest tonight (11th December)...

03 October 2007

Yale MFA: Hungarian artist

This month, InterUrbanArt will be featuring the work of Reka Reisinger, a Hungarian born artist who received her MFA from the Yale School of Art in 2007.

Reka Reisinger

Reka Reisinger was born in Budapest, Hungary and currently resides in New York City. Reka attended Bard College and received her M.F.A. in photography from the Yale University School of Art. Her work has been included in many group shows, most notably the Greater New York 2005 exhibition at the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center. Over the past few years, Reka has been making life-size cardboard cutouts (often self-portraits) and re-photographing them out in the world. She does not use any digital manipulation to composite the pictures. Instead, she makes the cutouts by hand and re-photographs them in a specific location or situation using a view camera. While the pictures are direct documents, their space appears collaged and altered, often resembling an image from the early days of photoshop. Doubly present as the photographer and the photographed, Reka explores the schizophrenic and sometimes indistinguishable relationship between the real and fake to question the logic of image-making.

08 September 2007

Welcome to InterUrbanArt

InterUrbanArt is a New York City area based art consultancy specializing in the introduction of emerging Hungarian artists to the international art market.

For a myriad of complex reasons, Hungarian artists are almost completely unknown outside of not only Hungary, but outside of Budapest.

It is InterUrbanArt's goal to bring to the art community's attention the world-class talent that can be found amongst Hungarian artists.

Though Hungary is a small country, its many contributions to world history, the sciences and classical culture are unarguably disproportionately greater than its size and population. InterUrbanArt aims to work tirelessly to attain the same distinction for contemporary Hungarian art.

InterUrbanArt is proud to be working with a carefully selected group of emerging artists whom we feel will be superb "ambassadors" of Hungarian contemporary art.

The artists will be introduced individually.

We are pleased to begin with the work of a photographer trained at the prestigious Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts (HGB). He is currently living and working in Budapest.

Nandor Losonci

New images will be uploaded regularly.

For further information, please contact:

Edward Mocsi
InterUrbanArt Projects