14 June 2008

Romania 1-Hungary 0

No, you haven't logged in to the Art is More Important than Football Euro 2008 championship blog by mistake. But while we're on the subject---of the two countries, only Romania is fielding a team in the tournament. To a Hungarian football fan, or perhaps even to a proud Hungarian who isn't a football fan, that's sad news in and of itself. But to a Hungarian Art is More Important than Football enthusiast, the following news is even more disturbing:

There is now a gallery in Chelsea specializing in Romanian contemporary art.


I of course wish nothing but the best to the founders and artists of the gallery. Simon Watson's eyes are most often very good at spotting the latest trends in art, and bringing a Central European country's art to the NY art world's attention is exactly what InterUrbanArt is striving to do.

My disappointment is simple and unbiased: Romania has beaten Hungary to the prize of establishing an artistic beachhead in New York.

I haven't yet been able to learn how Slag Gallery came to be. If anyone has any information or back story about that, I would be extremely grateful if you can pass it along.

Meanwhile, there is much work to be done to tie this game.

These recent paintings by Zsolt Bodoni are perfect shots straight at the goal, practically unstoppable.

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