31 March 2008

Hungarian Government Establishes Contemporary Collection

Hungarian Culture minister Istvan Hiller announced in early March that the ministry will provide up to 50 million Hungarian forints (EUR 192,000/USD 300,000) each year for a new contemporary art collection. Under a three-year agreement, the ministry will contribute one forint for every two forints donated by the business sector.

The ministry's funding comes with a condition, however: that the contemporary art collection spend 5–10 million forints of the annual funding on works by artists involved in a government-backed scholarship system.

This development is certainly a postive step towards establishing awareness of contemporary art in Hungary.

InterUrbanArt will, through several channels, lobby to place artists that it is working with in this new collection.


anna said...

you seem to know a lot about the hungarian cultural policy. Do you know where I can find information about the general cultural policy in English? Would be very usefull...

Edward Mocsi said...