06 January 2008

Unknown Contemporary Legend

"Beuys Strangling", 1980, 200 x 140 cm

Karoly Kelemen is one of the seminal figures of Hungarian contemporary art. His "eraser paintings", created mainly in the 1970s and 80s (he re-visited the style in the early 2000s), are prime examples of "blue chip" Hungarian contemporary art that is almost entirely unknown internationally outside of a handful of inner circles.

These paintings are graphite on canvas, and on average measure 2 meters x 3 meters (6 ft. x 9ft). Kelemen "paints" them by erasing.

Karoly Kelemen is represented by a very well-respected Budapest gallery but, amazingly, has no international representation.

More information can be found about his work at http://www.memoart.eu/. Please mention Edward Mocsi/InterUrbanArt when contacting the gallery.

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